If you only had 15 years to live, how would you spend them? That is the question that the folks at Spry Fox are posing to players in their upcoming puzzle rogue-like, Road Not Taken (RNT).

David Edry, the CEO of Spry Fox, today gave more information about the game via the Playstation Blog. For the less familiar, RNT is a puzzle game that aims to simulate life’s unexpected twists and turns as the player explores a giant post-winter-storm forest.

One of the issues that the development team has tackled is how to clearly and easily convey in-game progression to the player. Edry stated that many of the possible things you can do and make in RNT were not explicitly told to the player, and this often led to confusion and frustration in past play tests. To remedy this, Edry said that Spry Fox is adding a book of secrets, in essence a massive progress meter, that compiles all crafting recipes and tracks what you have and have not collected and/or found (objects, secrets, etc.).


The character you control in RNT has a maximum lifespan of 15 years. This cap has massive implications when you consider that each mission you take on in RNT consumes one year of your lifespan. The objective of the game, as is also true in real life, is to try to live the best life possible with the limited time you have to live. Edry noted that because playtesters were often unaware of the 15 year lifespan and were consequently surprised when their characters died after 15 missions, Spry Fox has added two ways to show the infinitely-ticking clock: first is the display of how many years left of the 15 there are after each mission, and second is comments by NPCs on the passage of time, including a doctor that seems to enjoy poking fun at your approaching death.

The final bit of new information that Edry shared is that the player can just as easily die before the 15 year max. Spry Fox decided to implement this element of mortality in addition to the 15 year max to boost the difficulty of the game. Edry added that survival in the game depends on you exercising caution and learning the “secrets” of the game.

According to the official website, Road Not Taken is on track for release sometime before the end of this year on Playstation 4, PS Vita, PC, and Mac.

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Cedric Lansangan

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