Hello Single Players and welcome to the holiday season! We’ve had a great year here at Only Single Player with some truly phenomenal games coming out in 2015 and, as is tradition with pretty much every media site, we’ve got plenty of plans to hand out accolades to deserving candidates.

One of the most difficult things for us here at OSP (and I suspect at many places) has been to try and find a way to give the best games their due. The sad truth is that there’s always a lot of great games to play – some new, some old – and we can’t all play every one of them, which is a source of great frustration for many of us (I still haven’t gotten a chance to play more than a few hours of Fallout 4 and it’s eating me up inside), so we’re trying to find a way to give the great games of 2015 their due without being unfair to the gems we may have missed. I think we can all agree that nominating a game for Game of the Year without having played it is incredibly unfair, for example.

So we’re turning to you, the readers, to help us out. Despite the fact that none of us have played every game this year, we’ve all had some great experiences that we’d like to share. So here’s what we’re going to do: every week we’ll have three categories – staring this week with “Best Surprise of 2015,” “Biggest Disappointment of 2015,” and “Best Trailer of 2015” – where a team of OSP writers will sound off on our nominees for those categories. Read: nominees, not winners. Because we want you guys to sound off on what of our nominees – and maybe a few of your own – are worthy of those honors. You can do so via comments on the articles or over social media on Facebook and Twitter.

On December 31, we plan on nominating our picks for Game of the Year 2015, so make sure to check back to find out if your favorite game of the year made the cut…or to suggest your own!

We look forward to sharing this Holiday season with you all, so make sure to keep your eyes on Only Single Player and have a Happy Holidays!

Brienne Gacke
Writer, journalist, teacher, pedant. Brienne's done just about anything and everything involving words and now she's hoping to use them for something she's passionate about: video games. She's been gaming since the onset of the NES era and has never looked back.

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