It’s no secret at this point that console game developers are prioritizing multiplayer campaigns and online connectivity more than story modes or single-player missions. That’s not to say multiplayer is all there is, but with players now able to connect online through their consoles, there’s a bigger focus on social activity. But what’s somewhat surprising is that this same focus is beginning to take over the app gaming market as well.

In a way, the mobile market makes for the most personal and individual style of gaming. Most of us play during the little moments of the day when there’s nothing else to do—on a train ride, sitting in a waiting room, or even in the bathroom! But nowadays most of the popular mobile games coming out ask us to engage a bit further by employing chat features, various multiplayer modes, and generally fostering whole communities of players.

For those who still prefer a simpler and more individual brand of mobile gameplay, though, these are the genres that are still dependable.

Arcade Games

This is a broad category, but it’s an official one in the iOS app store and still includes a wide range of games that are ideal for individual play. Remco Kortenoever’s Smashy Road: Wanted is currently topping the charts and is actually the perfect example. The game employs a light social element in that you can see others’ high scores and compete with friends. But the actual gameplay doesn’t demand any multiplayer or online interaction. It’s just a brilliant little arcade game about driving different vehicles to escape law enforcement. Other examples abound as well, from endless progression games like Crossy Road and Temple Run, to old-fashioned experiences like Tetris and Pac-Man. Overall, the arcade genre is pretty safe for single player lovers.

Trivia Games

This is actually a surprising category, because one would imagine all our classic trivia games would by now have been turned into online competitions. You know, like how Scrabble was adapted into Words With Friends. But there are plenty of solo trivia experiences available in app stores, some original and others based on popular board games or even game shows. Game shows actually still have a prominent presence in the gaming industry in general as engaging and challenging single player options. Family Feud, Jeopardy, and The Price Is Right all have popular app games, and Gala Bingo’s game options even includes versions of Deal Or No Deal and Wheel Of Fortune. Those titles can be accessed online or via your mobile device, and if real money is involved (where available), they offer a nice personal stake for a solo gamer.

Puzzle Games

If there’s a single app gaming genre that not only works for but actually caters to single-player preferences, it’s the puzzle genre. It was once thought of as a place for simple little experiences like dot-connecting games or old online favorites like Peggle. However, the puzzle genre now includes a lot of expansive and immersive experiences for single player gamers. This is where you can find some of the best designs and concepts in mobile gaming, from UsTwo’s Monument Valley—often called one of the finest achievements in the app store—to Fireproof’s range of The Room games, which now includes an exciting third edition. Most games in the puzzle genre are made to simply sink into, and they make it incredibly fun and easy for a single player to enjoy some solo entertainment.

There are plenty of great single player app games not mentioned here, and other genres that aren’t exclusively for multiplayer. But action and adventure, shooter, racing, and other game genres are catering more to communal play and online competition than ever before. If you’re still interested in taking advantage of the simple and individual nature that first made mobile gaming great, the categories above may be your best bets.

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