That Dragon, Cancer

The story about the young Joel Green is a moving one. Diagnosed with terminal cancer after only 12 months, Joel was only given a few more short months to live, but managed to survive another 4 years before passing away at the age of five.

When he was four years old, his parents came up with the idea of the game for That Dragon, Cancer and managed to successfully kickstart it by the end of 2014, nine months after Joel’s death. Ryan and Amy Green have decided to launch the game on January 12, 2016, which would have been Joel’s seventh birthday. The game will release on PC.

That Dragon, Cancer is hoping to bring together victims and loved ones affected by the disease, as Ryan and Amy remarked regarding the release date of their game:

“We would love to hear about the people in your lives who have faced down their own dragons. What do you remember most fondly about them? What makes you laugh? What makes you miss them the most? If they are still with us, how do they inspire you? What are your favorite things to do together? We’ll re-tweet and share as many of your photos and stories as possible.”

Based on the trailer below, as well as the obviously emotional beginnings of the game, That Dragon, Cancer looks to pull at the heart-strings in a very personal, deeply moving way. The story of Joel Green is hoping to connect the thousands of unfortunate people connected with the disease through the power of video games and social media, and that is definitely something we at OnlySP are in support of. Ryan and Amy go on to say:

“We want to inspire you to speak out and talk about the loves and losses of the souls who changed you and made you who you are today.”

You can find out more about the project at


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