Telltale walking dead

Telltale Games’s runaway success, The Walking Dead, has some evocative new art teasing the game’s final season.

The artwork portrays a more mature Clementine with AJ, in a pose that harkens back to the artwork for the first season.

Here, Clementine replaces the position of Lee, whereas AJ replaces the younger Clementine:


Although clues are in short supply in the new image, referencing the series’s first season so explicitly may hint that the final season will attempt to replicate the parental themes.

In addition to the artwork, Telltale also teased an announcement at this year’s PAX East panel, which is looking likely to be a trailer.

Telltale has had a busy few years, with the studio working on several high-budget projects at once. Despite the Telltale Walking Dead series wrapping up this year, other games are still being produced in the universe, such as Overkill’s The Walking Dead, and the possibility of further Telltale spin-offs is not out of the question.

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