TellTale Games have given their take on various huge franchises such as Back to the Future, The Walking Dead, and soon, Game of Thrones, but now the developer’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Kevin Bruner, is interested in the James Bond franchise when asked if money and politics were no object.

During an interview with Xbox: The Official Magazine, Bruner stated that “[he is] a giant James Bond fan and [has] always [been] frustrated by games that make him a mass murderer.” In Bruner’s opinion, “the films make [Bond] less of a mass murderer, and there’s not much killing in the books. [There] is more spying and intrigue.” Perhaps, the creators of 2012’s The Walking Dead: The Game, can focus more on the psychology of a spy through its story rather than turning it into a first person shooter with a Call of Duty-esque format…

TellTale Games are currently working on The Walking Dead: Season 2, The Wolf Among Us (TellTale’s take on the Fables comic series), Tales from the Borderlands (a Borderlands adaptation by TellTale), and Game of Thrones. Do you want to see the studio’s video game version of the James Bond series? What other franchises do you want to see being covered by TellTale? Comment below.

Source: OXM

Chris Penwell
Chris Penwell is an editor who loves an engaging story and interesting combat within games. Previously writing for PlayStation Euphoria, Chris is a fan of most Sony Computer Entertainment titles including Uncharted, The Last of Us, and even White Knight Chronicles but he is open to all platforms. His ultimate goal is to go to E3 and interview the developers who have created the games he has loved throughout the 15 past years of his gaming experiences. His most anticipated games include Kingdom Hearts III, Beyond Good and Evil 2, The Division, Final Fantasy XV, and Destiny.

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