The Walking Dead made Telltale Games a household name. Sure they made some great games before that with other franchises such as Monkey Island and Sam &  Max, but their 2012 hit based on the comics from Robert Kirkman really thrust the development company into the eyes of the general public.

Now, after continuing their rise in popularity with other franchises and equally (if not, better) fantastic adventures within them, they are looking to return to Georgia in 2016 with The Walking Dead: Michonne, as well as potentially more to follow this year. TWD: Michonne is a three-part mini series following the eponymous Michonne who features in Kirkman’s comics as well as the television series, and is widely regarded as a buffer between Season Two and the yet-to-be-announced Season Three of the video game series.

Speaking on Twitter the Head of Creative Communications at Telltale, Job J Stauffer has enticed fans with some very intriguing and well-placed words with the following:

“Telltale HQ is hard at work on The Walking Dead. News on our Michonne miniseries coming next week. Beyond that, a *very* big year for TWD…”

Michonne is expected to release in the coming weeks. Could the third full season of The Walking Dead shuffle onto our screens before the year is out? We know that Telltale’s Batman series is under development and will be released in 2016, but as we’ve seen in the last few years Telltale aren’t afraid of overlapping their game releases due to their episodic schedules.

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Rhys Cooper

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