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The composer of Telling Lies has spoken about some of the prompts that she was given when creating the score for the game.

In an exclusive interview with OnlySP, musician Nainita Desai spoke about the intrigue of the characters and the prompts that she was given by the game’s director, Sam Barlow:

“There are layers of manipulation and hidden dark secrets when you’re delving into their human psyche. For instance, there’s one character where the exterior music that you hear […] is like this perverse, intoxicating waltz; there’s a lot of dancing going on between these two characters and the character is like a courtesan where they’re deflecting and diverting and playing a game with this other character all the time.

“You have a lot of intimacy and whispered conversations—and that character is very much in control and dominant and controlling, but then as the music’s playing and you’re delving deeper into the seam, the music might change because it’s reflecting the fact that you’ve delved a little bit deeper and you’ve opened something up.

“You get this hidden loop. And I remember this brief that Sam gave me: he said ‘I want it to feel like joyless sex.’

“I said ‘Right okay, that’s an interesting analogy.’ What he was trying to say was that, you’re in this fantasy world with all these whispered conversations, and then suddenly you’re brought back to reality, the real world, and it’s slightly clumsy and clunky and there’s no more illusion and fantasy going on.”

Desai discusses more of her influence for the score in the full interview, which will be available on tomorrow.

Sam Barlow unveiled the first information about the political thriller in July 2017, and revealed the game’s cast in January 2019The game, a spiritual successor to Barlow’s previous title Her Story, was released for iOS, macOS, and PC on August 23, 2019.

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