Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

A new Gamescom trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot showcases fan favourite Teen Gohan as a playable character.

The trailer, which can be found below, showcases Teen Gohan in action against Cell.

The story of Dragon Ball Z is a long story spanning over many arcs from the Sayain Saga group up to the Buu Saga, but Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will follow the story up to the Cell Games Saga, which is one saga short of the end of the anime. The trailer confirms the title will go up Cell Games, but whether it will continue to the end of the Dragon Ball Z anime is still unknown.

The Cell Saga ends with Teen Gohan surpassing his father, Goku, achieving a new level of Super Saiyan as well as taking down an unstoppable villain with the help of his father’s spirit. This point marked a major turning point in the franchise as Gohan became the strongest character.

The game also shows off other actions players will be able to partake in, such as carrying the adorable Kid Gohan in Goku’s arms while adventuring as well as flying across the skies next to giant beast or explore the cities that inhabit the world.

OnlySP’s Dimitric Edwards played the game at E3 2019, concluding that it “sure to be a game for newcomers and lifelong fans of the franchise to enjoy.”

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