A lot of horror fans follow us here at OnlySP, so it’s always exciting to share a new horror game experience with you.

The developers over at Funcom have just released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming horror game, The Park, which takes place in the same universe as their MMO, The Secret World.

Here’s the official description:

Amusement parks are happy places, filled with the innocent joys of childhood and the exhilarating rush of hair-raising, but safe adventure. Balloons, cotton candy and fantastic rides to be dared. Perhaps that is how Lorraine pictured it too when she brought her son Callum to one… just before it descended into the most terrifying nightmare of her life.

The Park is a single-player horror experience developed by Funcom, set against the backdrop of an amusement park where a dark and sinister secret is just waiting to be uncovered.

The game will be released on the PC this October. Stay tuned to OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter for more updates regarding, The Park.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Not much info out yet and it sort of popped up suddenly, but it looks promising. Not much to be scared of yet, but I hope we’ll begin to see those things soon.

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