Update 10/19: How’s this for an early bird treat? Tales of Zestiria was suppose to go live on October 20th as per prior release date, but the game is now live on Steam and is available for immediate download/install. While Steam Store’s pre-order deal is now over, you can still get the game for 25% off by heading over to GMG. Details and previous post below.

Tomorrow Tuesday Bandai Namco’s hit JPRG Tales of Zestiria will wash up on North American shores for the PS4, PS3, and PC. While the PS4 version is coming in at the standard $59.99, the PC Steam version is slightly cheaper at $49.99, and now even more so after the 25% off code from GMG below.


GMG’s deal arrived last week and the 25% discount code works on 5 pre-order titles, of which the most pending release is of course tomorrow’s Tales. The discount also stacks with any instant savings, like on Warharmmer: End Times – Vermintide, which enjoys a 10% instant discount and a total 32% off after the additional coupon savings.

GMG’s 25% off code is set to run through October 27th at 9am Central time. The coupon will only be good while the title is a pre-order, so on Tales of Zestiria the 25% discount will only run through tomorrow morning around 9AM Pacific.

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