Tales of Arise

A new trailer for Tales of Arise debuted at the 2019 Tokyo Games Show.

The trailer introduces the concept of Astral Energy, which is present in everything. Additionally, the main characters, Alphen and Shionne, have a synergistic relationship.

Alphen can utilize a sword made out of Astral Energy, but it burns his hands. However, he is immortal and cannot feel pain. Shionne, on the other hand, can use her healing abilities to undo the self-inflicted damage caused by Alphen’s sword. Additionally, Shionne’s body seems to electrocute and hurt anyone who touches her.

The trailer ends with a new character stumbling with blurred vision, as Shionne and Alphen run towards her.

Tales of Arise was revealed at E3 2019, and producer Yuusuke Tomizawa has elaborated more about the game’s art style, ditching its old dedicated engine.

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