Take on Mars, a space-sim developed by Bohemia Interactive, releases today for PC.

Bohemia Interactive, whose past work included the Arma franchise and DayZ,  has developed Take on Mars with current events and sci-fi movies in mind.

The launch trailer (embedded below) highlights the gameplay and other features of Take on Mars, as well its similarity to the realism of The Martian, a critically-acclaimed movie exploring the same topic of mankind reaching the red planet.

Take on Mars features two single-player campaign chapters. The first provides remote control of Mars rovers, landers, or probes in an effort to gather intelligence and information to facilitate preparations for the huge undertaking of chapter 2: successfully landing and sustaining humans on the planet.

The game boasts advanced motion-based, gravity-based, and action-reaction environmental physics. What does that mean? Rovers, landers, and probes can be damaged and become inoperable, forcing players to take all of those variables into consideration during exploration missions and the like.

Furthermore, Take on Mars will certainly have no shortage of content to explore. Packed with real locations based on previous Mars missions, including the Victoria, Gale and Cydonia Craters, as well as several special additional locations such as Mars’s moon Deimos, Earth’s Moon (Apollo 17 Moon landing site), the International Space Station (with full interior), and more, players will not want for further content during their explorations in-game.

If all of that sounds intimidating, worry not: five training/tutorial missions are included to prepare players for the best and worst of what they will encounter. The game also features an in-game Mars encyclopedia for those information sponges out there and those who are curious about something regarding the red planet.

For players who like to create new and unique experiences and/or augment their game, Take on Mars also features content creation and modding tools. Anything one can think of, one can add, remove or modify in the game.

Take On Mars is now available for on Steam and the Bohemia Store for the PC. For more information, be sure to visit the game’s official website.

Cedric Lansangan

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