Waiting with bated breath for the 2015 Steam Summer sale? What if there were a way to save an additional 15% off every purchase? Well, we found one way to do it via Best Buy’s eBay store page, where a $15 off coupon code cuts the price of a $100 Steam Wallet Card to only $85. It’s a timely discount that also works for PlayStation Network cards and Nintendo eShop cards.

At checkout, use code: C15FATHERSDAY

You’ll have to act fast as the coupon code is only valid through today (June 9th) and has some restrictions. The most important of those is you’ll need a total of $100 in cart for the code to work. The Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Network cards only come in $50 increments from Best Buy, so you’ll need to change the quantity to 2x before adding to cart in order to get the discount.

The deal’s perfectly timed with the Steam Summer sale which is coming up fast. A recent leak (supposedly confirmed) states the Steam Summer sale will begin on Thursday, June 11, probably at 10 AM Pacific. It will be live through June 22nd.

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