System Shock 3

Despite recent immersive sims reportedly struggling to find a market, Warren Spector is pushing ahead with the original vision for System Shock 3.

Talking to, the Deus Ex creator mentioned that the team is keeping its expectations for the game modest by working to a relatively tight budget:

“[W]e’re trying to keep our budgets in line with our expected sales. Given our budget, we don’t have to sell 100 million copies, we don’t have to make $1 billion for a major publisher to succeed and to make money.”

The comment comes in reference to a widespread trend of similar games failing to meet expectations. Among those titles are Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which resulted in the franchise being put on hiatus, and reportedly Dishonored 2 and Prey.

However, Spector has refused to shift the design principles of System Shock 3 in an attempt to make up for shortcomings in those aforementioned games.

“It probably should have affected the way I think about System Shock 3, but honestly it hasn’t,” he said. “I’ve been saying for years I make the games I want to make, the way I want to make them. […] I’ve got a picture in my head [of System Shock 3], I’ve got a team that buys into that who are going to make that picture a reality, and we’ll let the chips fall where they may.”

Just last month, OtherSide Entertainment showed off the first teaser trailer for the upcoming game, which is as intriguing as long-terms fans could hope.

In the interview, Spector also mentioned that the series’s antagonist SHODAN will have “some sensible motivation” this time around, as well as offering some other brief teases for the content and context of the game.

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  1. It’s good they don’t set themselves some unrealistic sales expectation and based budget on that. That was a problem with Mankind Divided which didn’t meet expectations. Immersive sims have an audience isn’t big. If this sell around 2-3 mln copies I call it a success. I’ll probably throw some coins at them.

  2. Despite being “commercial failures” dishonored and prey are amazing games, and I would expect nothing less from Warren Spector as well given his history.

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