System Shock 3

Unlike its immediate predecessor, System Shock 3 will not employ character classes.

Veteran developer Warren Spector revealed to GameSpot recently that the upcoming three-quel will jettison the class system introduced in System Shock 2.

Spector said that the model of forcing players into particular specialisations does not fit with the overarching spirit of the immersive-sim genre or System Shock 3:

“One of the hallmarks of the immersive sim is it’s about you in the world. You the player, not your little 64-pixel-tall avatar or whatever. It’s about you making the decisions that you feel are appropriate to the situation. So the most important thing to me is each player’s individual playstyle driving the experience.”

Nevertheless, the game will include body augmentation and other modifications, similar to Deus Ex or the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077. Spector added that “everything is about supporting your playstyle. In this game, and in other games like it, you develop a character is through your inventory [sic].”

System Shock 3 is currently without a release date and is only confirmed for PC.

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