Some time after midnight Pacific Standard Time, reports starting hitting multiple outlets of a System Shock 3 “reveal” of sorts most likely tied to Night Dive Studios. If they sound familiar to you, they should, as they already have a connection to the series. Night Dive was responsible for the enhanced edition of System Shock available on PC. They followed up the enhanced edition with word that they had gained the rights to the series, would be developing a full remake and were “having talks” about a possible third entry.

Now a teaser page has appeared on the site of developer Otherside Entertainment for System Shock 3. Currently you can only link to social media and sign-up for future updates. Otherside describes themselves in this way on their webpage “We’re a brand new game studio focused on rebooting classic game franchises.” They point to Ultima Underworld as the first series they’re developing a sequel for, so they certainly don’t mind taking on some of the truly “big” classic franchises.

If you’re worried at all about the pedigree of these possible co-developers, you should know that Otherside’s founder, Paul Neurath, was a co-founder of Looking Glass studio. Looking Glass were of course the originators of the System Shock series as well as the first several Thief titles, and several Ultima Underworld entries.

Now this is far from a standard press release or trade show reveal, having been discovered by a curious fan. But considering the System Shock 3 page is a live site, it’s not very well-hidden if it’s intended to be a secret. Should it be requested, we will take this information down, though it’s fairly widespread at this point.

So how about it? Are you pardon the pun, shocked, by this System Shock 3 “reveal”. Let us know in the comments and be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for all the latest in Single Player gaming.

James Schumacher
Freelance writer and used-to-be artist based out of the Pacific Northwest. I studied Game Art & Design in college. I have been writing web content for the last 6 years, including for my own website dedicated to entertainment, gaming & photography. I have been playing games dating back to the NES era. My other interests are film, books and music. I sometimes pretend to be great at photography. You can find me on Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, 500px, DeviantArt and elsewhere under my nick: JamesInDigital.

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