Swordbreaker: Back to the Castle

Action-adventure RPG Swordbreaker: Back to the Castle has received its final game trailer by developer DuCats Games Studio.

The trailer was released within a recent announcement post on the game’s Steam page, and it showcases a blend of sword and magical combat and free-flow combinations accompanied by an epic soundtrack. Furthermore, players can expect combat to also utilise sliding, evasive manoeuvres, and spell casting.

Swordbreaker offers a rich world to be explored. Additionally, the dark-fantasy indie appears to have been influenced by archetypal medieval, open-world landscapes.

The story begins when the main protagonist, a heroic explorer known as Swordbreaker, opens a treasure map gifted to him by a stranger in a medieval tavern. From then, marked waypoints on the map direct the hero to treasure; however, he will have to venture through a large castle that stands out on the map.

The treasure is of high value containing jewels and also, gold, but the real treasure is the “largest diamond in Dorgan” or the world. Finding and selling this diamond could “buy a small castle, and for the rest of the money be fairly well-to-do until the end of their days.”

Gameplay will involve players seeking this adventure through exploration, puzzles, and violent, gory trials against a vast array of foes. Players are encouraged throughout to upgrade the hero’s skills with typical RPG mechanics as well as finding increasingly better weapons and armour.

Furthermore, DuCats highlighted key features that players can expect, such as multiple enemy encounters, including a dangerous and persistent wild bore. Players can utilise a character upgrade system as well as can take part in dynamic battles. Even the in-game music is dynamic, altering according to the hero’s karma. The atmospheric open-world landscapes are highly mysterious where players can discover secrets.

In a news post by DuCats on Indiedb, the studio clarified that the upcoming game is based on the original Swordbreaker the Game in terms of the narrative: “Swordbreaker: Back to The Castle is a remake of the original Swordbreaker the Game.”

Swordbreaker: Back to the Castle is will be available on PC via Steam and is due to be released later in 2020.

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