The development studio behind Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre showed its new game Hades earlier at Thursday’s airing of The Game Awards.

The title is described as a “roguelike dungeon crawler,” and just watching the early-access trailer gives off some serious vibes of Supergiant Games of the past—which is definitely a good thing.

This trailer shows Hades‘ hand-drawn art style, fast-paced, dungeon-crawling action, and the smooth narrating that is known from the studio. The game appears to be a culmination of what made Supergiant’s previous successes so awesome.

Unlike Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre, Hades brings in characters that are not original studio creations. The trailer shows Hades’s son dying in a massive mob of enemies, respawning, and trying again. Zeus also makes an appearance, confirming a theme that revolves around the underworld and Greek gods.

Hades is available right now as a $19.99 early-access title. The title is one of the most alluring games announced for the Epic Games Store.

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Craig Snyder
Craig fell in love with video games after being spoiled with all of the NES games he could ever want as a kid, and his passion for gaming continues decades later. After discovering a knack for writing in grade school, the two have come together nicely for him. River City Ransom and Final Fantasy VII are his jams.

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