Super Neptunia RPG

The publisher behind Super Neptunia RPG, Idea Factory International, has announced a release date and supported platforms for the title.

Super Neptunia RPG will be released in the West for PC (via Steam) on June 20, and a release on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch will follow on June 25.

The Western release for Super Neptunia RPG was delayed earlier this year, and it was also announced that the PlayStation 4 version will be receiving two “slightly modified” CGs. These two CGs are reported to show characters taking a bath and Neptune in her underwear. The PlayStation 4 version will be censored.

There are no other changes across platforms (including the Japanese releases).

If you are not yet familiar with Super Neptunia RPG, here is how Idea Factory describes its backstory:

“The self-proclaimed hero, Neptune, awakes in a familiar world, but has no recollection of anything other than her name. With the help of a mysterious girl named Chrome, as well as three other familiar faces beloved in the Neptunia series, Neptune embarks on a journey through the mysterious dimension to try to regain her memory.

Little do they know, the world they inhabit is under attack by an enemy who wants to take civilization back to the time where 2D reigned supreme.

Can Neptune and her friends save the world and 3D games as we know it, or will they be flattened into two dimensions forever?”

Titled Brave Neptunia in Japan, the game is the first time Quebec-based developer Artisan Studios has developed a title from the Neptunia series. Expect Super Neptunia RPG to release in less than two months.

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