During Nintendo’s Spotlight event at E3 2017, the company revealed a brand new gameplay trailer for Nintendo Switch’s upcoming title, Super Mario Odyssey.

 The trailer depicts Mario on yet another whacky adventure, traversing different environments as he encounters a plethora of iconic Super Mario foes, such as the Mushroom Heads and the black, shark-faced bomb rockets. From platforming across dangerous landscapes to flinging his hat at his unfortunate enemies, Mario is back in action, bringing the old and the new together in an era where more of the same is tied taut to innovation. Watch the full gameplay trailer below.

However, Nintendo Direct did not stop at the above trailer. Indeed, the company carved out a large chunk of time during its E3 showing to giving the audience a rather large sample of gameplay via a walkthrough demo. The video, while rather lengthy, delves deeper into the world of Super Mario Odyssey than that of the aforementioned trailer. Watch the full walkthrough below.

Super Mario Odyssey is an upcoming platform video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. The game is a main part of the Super Mario series and returns to the open-ended, exploration-based gameplay familiar to Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. Players will take control of Mario as he travels across multiple kingdoms beyond the Mushroom Kingdom, traveling between them on a hat-shaped ship named “Odyssey”. Moreover, the game will feature areas inspired by real life cities, such as the New York City-inspired “New Donk City”. While many of Mario’s platforming techniques will be returning to the game, a new feature that serves as one of the game’s cores is the ability for Mario to throw his cap. Cappy—the name given to Mario’s hat—can be used to attack enemies, temporarily possess or take control of enemies, and activate objects.

Super Mario Odyssey is scheduled to release on October 27, 2017.

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