Sunset Overdrive 2

Sunset Overdrive, the colourful Microsoft exclusive that launched on Xbox One in October 2014, has been rated for a PC release in Korea.

Developed by Insomniac Games, the team that is currently manning the PlayStation 4-exclusive Spider-Man game, Sunset Overdrive was a maximalist interpretation of the third-person, open-world formula.

Last year, the developer refused to rule out the possibility of returning to the series, with a PC port likely to stoke the anticipatory flames for a sequel. Insomniac’s CEO, too, stated the developer was on the look for a publisher for a potential sequel back in October 2017.

With the project rated in South Korea, a PC port in the West now seems likely. Perhaps, after Insomniac has finished up production on Spider-Man, a new Sunset Overdrive could be in the works. The loss of another console-exclusive title for Microsoft, following the leak that State of Decay 2 may be coming to Steam, heralds more poor news for the company’s track record of maintaining quality exclusives.

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