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MIND: Path to Thalamus – New Details on the Beautiful Narrative Driven Puzzle Game | Exclusive Interview

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  1. That… is everything that I was hoping for it to be. Insomniac just sold me on an XBO, but it still won’t be until after a PS4. ;)

    1. I just got my PS4. Gamestop did 50% extra credit on all games. Traded in a bunch of stuff, didn’t have to pay a penny for the PS4 :)

  2. Well it certainly looks much more interesting than it did before…still not sold though.

  3. @ Millan, same here, while it looks lively enough it just does nothing for me. Hundreds of on-screen enemies and crazy weapons, where have I seen that before on XB1?

    1. Yea, but those were static enemies, not really that fun to fight, and the world was boring as heck to explore. This has a great look and feel to it and just looks like a lot of fun. Dead Rising 3 got boring after about 20 minutes.

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