The official Twitter account for Sunset Overdrive has stated when we will see an official gameplay video for the game.

According to the Twitter account, we’ll get to see the game in action on Monday. Currently there is a short bit of gameplay available from Gameinformer’s coverage of the game, but that video was taken down. Most likely because it wasn’t supposed to go up yet.

In addition, the account also made note that there may be some sort of stress test for the game at some point due to the game using the Cloud features of Xbox One. When a user asked the Twitter account stated they haven’t made any announcements yet, but didn’t outright deny there wouldn’t be some sort of beta for the game.

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Nick Calandra
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  1. Oops! I was lucky to get to watch it before GI took it down. Looks better in motion (obvious! LOL). Makes me more excited and hyped about the next-gen games I can’t wait to get revealed at E3! :)

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