Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has seen Sunset Overdrive in action, and apparently it is “looking very good.” Spencer tweeted some of his observations of the game earlier today, revealing that not only is the gameplay looking “great”, but that, graphically, Sunset Overdrive is also looking wonderful.

Although what Spencer saw was only a daily build, apparently what he saw in action looked better than the already beautiful E3 trailer.

You can see both of the tweets below in context.



Sunset Overdrive is an upcoming third person action game from Insomniac, featuring frantic online combat, as well as an offline campaign. It caught our eye at last year’s E3, and, if the trailer is any indication, it should feature some fast paced fun for the Xbox One.

The official Twitter account for Sunset Overdrive also gave a slight update on when we’ll see new info or possibly new info on the game. In response to a question posted by another Twitter user asking how many “weeks or months”, the account replied with “they are getting fewer and fewer by the day.”  The game is still planned for a 2014 release which was also noted by the Twitter account. Both of these Tweets can also be viewed below.


You can see the E3 trailer below:

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Source – Twitter

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  1. can somebody tell him that the E3 trailer was CGI?

    1. so its now better than CGI , sounds sweet to me

      1. Me too

      2. Misterxmedia was right, hidden dGPU powering better-than-CG footage.

        1. LOLLOLOLOL

    2. Yeah, it was CGI as in Computer Graphics Imagery running in real-time on the Xbox One, lol! You probably don’t believe everything shown of Quantum Break (other than the live-action footage) is real-time in-game graphics either, even though Remedy have confirmed it numerous times.

      1. probably because they believed that games like Forza were realtime, after it was ‘confirmed numerous times’ and turned out to be BS

      2. Mentally ill misterxturd thinks pre-rendered CG movies are “realtime”. el oh el

  2. Another xbox one game I’m jealous about :( ps4 exclusives looking lame in comparison. I can’t wait till we get a The Order, that’ll make the xb1 guys jealous, infamous is looking decent too.

    1. Not very likely. While The Order does look great, from my experience, Xbox fans tend to spend more time playing games, than drooling over games from the PlayStation. Matter of fact, across several forums during last-gen, I emphatically tried to get Xbox fans excited about some of the best exclusives for the PS3 (I own both consoles), and 90% of the time, just got a “meh” response.

      My advice to you, if you like the games you see on Xbox One, you are far better off just buying a Xbox One and playing those games yourself, than trying to get Xbox fans interested in the games on PS4.

      Personally, I live by a simple philosophy – I go where the games are. Last-gen, PS3 was where the games were at, and thus, it was my main gaming platform. But this gen, right out of the gate, the Xbox One is where the games are at. Outside of Second Son and The Order, Sony does not have anything this year – at least not for PS4. And this gen, with having allocated over $1 billion on exclusive games alone (that is more money than all three console platform holders spent on securing last-gen exclusives combined), the Xbox One is set to dominate in the exclusives category this gen. Put another way, the Xbox One is where the games are going to be – the days of ONLY having Halo, Gears, Forza and Fable as exclusives, are over. And if they turn out to be successful games, do not be surprised to see Microsoft buy up IPs like Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, Titanfall (and who knows what else), the same way they just bought up Gears of War. They certainly have the money set aside to do so, and unlike last-gen, this generation they certainly don’t seem to have any problems spending it. Knowing all that going into the dual system launch last fall, is why I purchased the Xbox One first.

      Now I know a lot of PlayStation fans do not want to hear that sort of thing, but it is what it is; there is nothing you can do to change that. The only question is, how you react to it. Now I am the kind of guy who will just buy both consoles – picking up my PS4 in March with my tax money, to get Second Son. So you know, I’m set. But for people who can ONLY buy one console, the question you need to be asking yourselves is, are you a gamer, or are you a fanboy?

      I know that sounded harsh, but sometimes the hard questions are harsh. If you are a gamer, you will go where the games are – every time. No loyalties to any one company. After all, this hobby is called “video gaming”, this hobby is NOT called “falling blindly in love with a faceless multi-national corporation who does not give two shits about you, if you are not one of their major shareholders”. And I think that’s what people really have to look at these companies. No matter what their executives say, they really do not care about you (us, as consumers, we are in it together). So if that is the kind of relationship they initiate, then it needs to be reciprocated by the hobbyists who play the games – us. Our attitude should be more along the line of, “what have you done for me lately, what are you doing for me today, and where the hell are all my games?” When you approach game companies [especially the platform holders] the same way you approach watching a movie (we don’t care which studio made the film, we only care about the films themselves), it takes brand loyalty out of the equation, and really simplifies our lives. You’ve never seen anyone going to the movie theater, having a heated argument about which movie studio is better, Universal, or Paramount. Then trying to convince each other to NOT watch any of the films produced by the other studio. It’s all entertainment. So why do gamers do this sort of thing all the time – to the point where they have almost completely ruined the fun of coming online and talking about games?

      As gamers, we are supposed to be about the games. We say that all the time, but most of us do not really mean that. But if we did, it would really simplify our lives. Gamers go where the games are. Simple as that. And trust me, I know. As I have been going where the games are since the the early 1980s – long before I could afford to buy more than one console a generation.

      1. Well said, I’m definitely I rely selling my ps4 this weekend and buying an xbox one. I’m disappointed in the ps4, it just seems like a ps3.5 with no soul. Thanks mate.

      2. Keep in mind were two months into the new console cycle. There’s going to be a LOT, and I mean a LOT of stuff announced at E3 this year. Both companies have lots of surprises in store I can tell you that much.

      3. Multiplat games are very important to gamers, and they run far better on PS4. Hope MS is paying you by the word lol.

      4. PS4 has 13 games I’m interested in this year. Xbone isn’t even getting a proper Halo. Most of its games are next year/2016. Anything this year will get blown out performance-wise by the PS4. It’s pathetic.

        I would easily recommend the PS4 over the cancerous Xbone any day of the week.

      5. great blog post. Will subscribe. XBox has more titles closer to launch, so you make your possibly only console purchase for the next 5 years based off of the first two or three titles that launch? I’m personally waiting until I see truly great exclusives (not too excited by anything on either), but I must’ve missed the console gen where xbox camp had anything but fps’s in their ‘must play’ exclusive list

    2. dude your such a liar, with all the trolling and xbox fanboying your doing theres no way you have even touched a PS4, if you have you would not make stupid comments and you would realize which is actually better. also if your trying to say xbox has better exclusives and that sony has no exclusive thats when i know your lying about having ps4. Xbox may have more big name exclusives, doesn’t mean they’re better, but sony has more overall, also sony has already said they have a ton of exclusives saved to announce at upcoming shows. so if you really do have a ps4 you would acknowledge that instead of being dumb and saying, “O Im selling my PS4, theres no exclusives.”

    3. You’re an Xbot. Don’t bother with the lies.

    4. you do realize Disqus let’s everyone view your comment history and see what a liar you are, right? What are you, like 10?

  3. I’ve been gaming for 34 years. I am an Xbox Ambassador and my family and I love both our Xbox One’s. Thr games look great, the kinect is awesome, and I’m excited about the Xbox One 2014 releases. I am a hardcore gamer and I also love the Kinect. This notion that hardcore gamers don’t use the Kinect is ridiculous. As is the argument over frame rate and resolution. The Xbox One is the best console I have purchased and I can’t wait to play games like Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, Quantum Break, and Plants Vs. Zombies. I am 41 years old, have a 90, 000 gamer score and I even get off my butt to use the Kinect….which happens to be a great way to exorcise. I use to compete in local bodybuilding competitions when I was younger, and as a gamer, its ok to put the controller down and actually do something good for your health.

    1. I’ve been using the Kinect a lot more than I though I would. I played it off as a gimmick early on myself just from the past experience, but I find myself using voice commands for just about everything outside of gaming. Don’t use the controller to go to Netflix being one of my primary uses along with using it to pause, play, go to full screen and so on.

    2. How much does MS pay you to say these ridiculous things, and how do I also get a job doing it? I’m being serious btw.

      1. Your lack of mental capacity fully qualify’s you to be a successful troll and a Sony fanboy, you seem to be doing both jobs very well.

    3. Sorry, not fooling anyone. Xboners still rotting on shelves.

      1. I’ve seen plenty of PS4’s on the shelf too, PS3’s, 360’s and Wii U’s as well. Stores get new shipments. It’s not like there wouldn’t ever be Xbox One’s available.

        1. No you haven’t.

    4. “I am an Xbox Ambassador”

      Stopped reading there, shill.

    5. Holy SH*T you’re a braindead microsoft shill.

  4. Looking like a pretty stellar lineup of exclusives coming to Xbox One this year.
    Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, Forza Horizon 2, Halo, Titanfall, Project Spark, Kinect Sports Rivals, D4 and probably some others we don’t know of.

    Loving my Xbox One, but loving the fact that Microsoft is actually talking games and have been on a roll with all the positives lately. So freaking stoked for Titanfall.

  5. Xbox executive says the game he greenlit is awesome. No shit.

    Me, I can’t wait for the freshest epik maymays in my persistent online world, brought to us to the muses who gave us FUSE.

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