Sunset Overdrive is the next Xbox One game to run below a 1080p resolution.

After the exclusive reveal in EDGE Magazine, EDGE have reported than Sunset Overdrive “currently” runs at a lower resolution than 1080p, but does not go on to specify what resolution it does run at. Insomniac CEO Ted Price has commented on the resolution, stating:

“We’re still working on optimising and we’re going to continue to do that,” he told EDGE. “We can get into all the technical stuff later. This is going to be a [question] for every game that comes out. People will be counting pixels. For us, it’s about the vision: you saw it, you played it. It’s about creating a world.”

“Currently” is the key word in this situation, as Insomniac has plenty of time to optimise the game to hit 1080p before the game launches later this year. Personally, I couldn’t care less. If the game is fun and I have a blast playing it, I’m not going to be worried about a few less pixels, but nevertheless, the information is here for anybody who is interested.

Sunset Overdrive launches this Fall, exclusively on Xbox One. Be sure to follow OnlySP for all the upcoming news on Sunset Overdrive and other upcoming single player titles.

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  1. Could care less if a $500 next gen console that was advertised and marketed as a 1080p console isn’t actually delivering on a regular basis, that’s discouraging. Why even bother upgrading to a new console if graphics don’t matter and just stick with the Xbox 360 then. Or a Wii for that matter.

    1. I think developers just need time to learn the hardware. Similar to what happened with PS3. 1080p will come, until then I’ll enjoy great games with a few less pixels. And no, sticking with Xbox 360 isn’t a good idea because Sunset Overdrive couldn’t run on it.

    2. As long as at least the console exclusives eg. destiny and sunset overdrive, are running ABOVE 720p then I am more than happy to buy the new consoles.

    3. It was never advertised as a 1080p console. Ever.

      1. Get real. They were advertising that it came with a 4k cable for gods sake. What a joke.

    4. It’s “couldn’t” care less.

  2. I could care less if its not 1080p. Have you not seen the gameplay? Its sad that the gaming world is like this now. I miss the days where people actually worried about the more important things, like the effing gameplay

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