Failbetter Games has announced a sequel to their popular exploration and survival RPG, Sunless Sea, entitled Sunless Skies.

This time around players will find themselves in the “High Wilderness,” an apt name for “The Victorian Empire in space” as the studio describes, making a living in this harsh, new, and exciting frontier.

Influenced by science fiction giants like H.G. Wells and CS Lewis, the sequel promises more of the rich story and narrative drive that made the first game so memorable. The game will remain punishing in its difficulty, but players will take part in a more refined experience overall.

Teasing the meaning behind the name, the studio explains, “The stars are dying. The stars are the Judgements: the inventors, arbiters and enforcers of the universe’s laws – but a revolution has begun, and the stars are being murdered.”

Taking cues from feedback on the first game, the studio will once again use Early Access and upon full release the sequel will be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. A Kickstarter for the title will begin in February as pre-production of the game carries on, and for any fans who have gotten lost in Sunless Sea, this sequel is shaping up to be a worthy investment.

Failbetter Games

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