Welcome to the third iteration of Only Single Players Sunday Indie Roundup, this week featuring a host of exciting developments including space combat, butterflies, retro shoot-em-ups and more!


First up is Sharpflint. Although no real detail has been released on what Sharpflint will be about, it’s certainly shaping up to be a great looking game with a seemingly interactive environment. However, the developers have released the concept of their main character who takes the form of a Neanderthal wielding a spear. I can only make an educated guess that Sharpflint will involve hunting creatures and animals of which the designs have also been released on their social media pages.

Designed in the Unity engine and developed by EATMEAT Games, you’ll have to sign up to their newsletter on their official site or follow their Twitter account to be in the know on their current development.

Sharpflint Screenshot


Next up is GIBHARD, a run and gun FPS where the player battles through seemingly impossible procedurally generated worlds. Fight hordes of increasingly difficult enemies using a wide variety of weapons, whilst exploring and manipulating the environment in creative ways. There’s definitely a DOOM kind of aura to this one, revisiting the retro era of FPS in the graphics department yet introducing more modern gameplay mechanics that really challenges the player.

The developer of GIBHARD, Bram Eulaers says the game will be old school and unforgiving, as well as too hard for you. Want to accept his challenge? Keep an eye out on his website for news of the Steam Greenlight, and follow his progress on Twitter.

Gibhard Screenshot

Enemy Starfighter

Thirdly is Enemy Starfighter, a mix of third-person tactical control and first-person cockpit gameplay developed by Marauder Interactive. The player takes command of the Emperor’s royal Harbringer Fleet, whose mission it is to hunt down the traitor lords and offer their home world as an example to those who would so further rebellion.

An interesting note to take on this game is that the lead designer, Mike Tipul, is an ex-Bungie employee who worked on Halo: Reach as a designer on Nightfall, a sniper mission created as a homage to Halo 1’s Truth and Reconciliation and The Long Night of Solace, a space combat mission that was a first for the franchise. Die-hard Halo fans will want to keep an eye out for this one.

Although there is no official release date as of yet, Enemy Starfighter is coming up to its early access stage as mentioned in their blog and will be available for Windows with VR support. For more details follow their website and Twitter page.

Enemy Starfighter Screenshot


Next is Pollen, a game where the player takes the form of a butterfly with the task of navigating through a labyrinth of block formations whilst killing other butterflies, whilst trying not to get killed yourself. How can a butterfly kill something, you ask? Well, laser-beams of course! All flying creatures come equipped with homing missiles and lasers in order to take on another out. So if you fancy some mindless butterfly genocide, then Pollen is the game for you!

Developed by Mirror Fish Media the game is currently in closed beta, but you can get personal access by sending an email to the developer at ‘mirrorfishmedia@gmail.com‘, or in the mean time you can keep an eye on their progress on the Twitter page. There are plans to release into early access soon, as finishing touches are currently being added.

Pollen Screenshot

Empires in Ruins

Lastly is Empires in Ruins, a turn based strategy, tower defense and empire management hybrid, with a black humor infused plot set in a grim, disillusioned world.

Empires in Ruins gameplay mechanics revolve around two main components: the main map where the turn based strategy and empire management aspects of the game are played out, and the combat map – the real time tower defense part.

You expand, strengthen and defend on a turn based strategy map. You will have 26 regions to tame and improve to increase production and military prowess while following a twisted plot that explores the lower aspects of human beings.

Fight your battles in tower defense fashion with an advanced engine that edges on RTS for several features, while still not losing its original TD nature.

The game is currently in Steam Greenlight but has already been voted forward, so expect to see it on Steam soon. Check out their Twitter page to keep updated.

Empire in Ruins Screenshot

That’s all for the Sunday indie roundup this week, be sure to check in next Sunday for another set of great-looking indie games collated by OnlySP, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

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