Welcome to the first iteration of our weekly Sunday Indie Round-Up series, where you’ll find knights, city builders, Vikings and more.


First up is Wartile, a “real time strategy game for PC and tablets in which you control a small band of figures by picking them up and placing them on the miniature battle map, just like a game of chess without turns. Each figure has special attributes and abilities that counter each other, forcing you to strategically time and plan your moves against the enemy player.

Battles in Wartile are set on hexagonal grids, much like Heroes of Might and Magic. The maps boast incredible graphics and attention to detail, something seldom seen in indie releases.

Wartile Screenshot

Currently in development and powered by Unreal Engine 4, Wartile is shaping up to be what looks like a fantastic RTS and well worth a look. You can find their Twitter page here.

Empires Apart

Next is Empires Apart, an old-school medieval RTS for PC/Mac built with Unreal Engine 4 and developed by DESTINYbit.

Empires Apart is a throwback to old school isometric medieval RTSs. Maps are randomly generated and players can pick a ‘Civilization’. These civilizations aren’t named yet in the development blog, but DESTINYbit states that Aztecs will be one playable class. Keeping with the old-school elements, the aim of the game is to collect enough resources to build an army capable of crushing your opponents. Any retro-RTS fans getting a feel of nostalgia yet?

Empires Apart Screenshot

The game is currently in development and you can view their progress on their Twitter page.


Next on the list is Hardland, an action adventure RPG for PC developed by Mountain Sheep. There’s almost no path set out for you in Hardland, just an open world ready for the player to discover as soon as you load into the game.

In the words of the developers, ‘our vision of Hardland is to give you a beautifully crafted fantasy world with procedurally generated dungeons. Places full of interesting characters, loot, creatures, quests and mysteries. We will not dictate how you should play this game. We simply set the stage and let you tell your own story.’

It seems Mountain Sheep have paid particular attention to physics and the player’s interaction with the environment in Hardland- almost everything can be destroyed and moved.

Hardland Screenshot

The graphics are well-rendered and inspired by the visuals of a stop motion film. The game also comes with full modding support. Head over to their Twitter page here.

For the King

Next up is For the King, a rogue like fantasy RPG for PC and Mac developed by IronOak Games.

For The King is a turn based RPG that can be played solo or cooperatively online. ‘Featuring long term strategic adventuring, turn based combat, and persistent choices, For The King aims to distil the epicness of traditional RPGs into an adventure that can be completed from beginning to end in a single session. Players must survive cunning enemies and creatures, wicked weather and brutal traps in their quest to solve the mysterious death of the king and bring order to the land.’

On their official website, IronOak Games state For the King is ‘inspired by the best moment in classics such as Ultime, Nethack and the early Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games. We’re bringing back some of that old school flavor in a modern wrapper with some unique mechanics and an updated look.’


The Kickstarter campaign will kickoff on September 15th, with a release date scheduled for late 2016. Take a look at their Twitter page for updates and link to the Kickstarter.

The Long Dark

And last but not least is The Long Dark, an ‘immersive survival simulation set in the aftermath of a geomagnetic disaster. Experience a unique first-person survival simulation that will force you to think and push you to your limits with its thought-provoking gameplay and mature storytelling.’

Though nowadays when you think of survival games, the word zombie usually springs to mind. The Long Dark diverts away from this stereotype, pitting players against the threat which Mother Nature poses against you: harsh weather, lack of food and water, and a myriad of potential injuries and afflictions.

The Long Dark boasts an expanse of 20 square kilometers to explore, including woodlands, mountain ranges, dams, fishing villages, lakes and more.

The Long Dark Screenshot

Developed by Hinterland Studios, the game is available for PC and Xbox One and is currently in early access stage.

So that’s all for the Sunday indie roundup this week, be sure to check in next Sunday for another set of great-looking indie games collated by OnlySP, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

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