Aaryn Flynn, the ex-BioWare general manager who spearheaded the studio’s efforts on huge titles such as Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age, has joined the studio Improbable.

Flynn will shore up the studio’s North American business efforts, whilst building a new office in Edmonton, Alberta. The official role of Flynn is General Manager of its games business, focusing on Improbable’s SpatialOS platform. The state on the studio’s website centers specifically around SpatialOS and Flynn’s experience in the role:

This office already features leading talent from the games industry and will be developing tools, technology and demos and representative game content designed to highlight the unique power of Improbable’s SpatialOS platform for game development.

According to Flynn’s LinkedIn account, he has described his new role as “helping to lead at Improbable, developing tools and showcasing demonstrative content for SpatialOS with some world-class developers.” A more lengthy statement appeared on the company’s website:

“To make games you need tools: the developer with the best tools will always have an advantage because they will be able to get closer to their vision quicker and iterate more quickly to turn that vision into a successful game. I believe that SpatialOS is going to transform how people make and play games, and with this new office, we want to help that to happen.”

The role looks to be more software-orientated than Flynn’s previous work, but the studio has assured that the “team will also be making demos and representative game content,” so some smaller demos and gameplay are still possible. SpatialOS is touted as a cloud platform that allows creators to push beyond the limits of traditional game servers to allow small developers to create massive-scale games.

As BioWare enters a new age, its former heads are embedding themselves in some interesting projects. Mike Laidlaw, for example, has followed his work on Dragon Age: Inquisition with an advisory role on the upcoming RPG The Waylanders.

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