Street Fighter V Arcade Mode

After numerous updates have been made to add new content to Street Fighter V, a new data mine of the game’s latest build reveals that support for Arcade mode is ready, alongside new stages and costumes.

In a PDF and YouTube video, known data miner X-Kira said he managed to load Street Fighter V’s Arcade mode after patching a few files into the game. In his previous data mine, the Arcade mode was empty, as it only contained dummy data. Now, Capcom can send a DLC file to run Arcade mode “without problems because everything is already ready to receive the mode in question,” X-Kira said.

Also discovered was Street Fighter V’s Arcade Taito version, which is a non-traditional arcade cabinet using PCs scheduled to hit Japanese arcade centers in 2017. Here, the Arcade mode consists of 10 stages with a bonus stage in between, which is predicted to be a car-wrecking bonus mini-game. A boss battle caps off the Arcade mode, but X-Kira remains mum on the character’s identity.

Other notable findings include two new stages (one dedicated to Ibuki) and new costumes for M. Bison, Karin, Guile, and Ibuki.

Previously, a leaker on Reddit revealed Capcom’s plans to launch Super Street Fighter V via a free update. This update would bring in Arcade mode, Extra Battle, New Critical Arts, new UI, a second cinematic story, and more. Data miners also found files pertaining to these contents in Street Fighter V. At present, Capcom remains zipped on the rumors.

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