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When Google announced its cloud game streaming platform, Stadia, the CEO of Rainway was excited.

In an interview with OnlySP at PAX South 2020, CEO of the game streaming service Rainway, Andrew Sampson, said, “It was funny because with Stadia announced, I was pumped!” Sampson was on his way to an investor meeting when he was watching Stadia’s announcement. “This is awful! Wow we’re going to get so many users from this,” he noted.

Sampson also mentioned that he had several people come up to him to try Rainway after they had tried Google Stadia. “they were like, ‘how did you do this?’ It was almost like black magic. So that was motivating to me.”

Almost a year later since Stadia’s announcement and several months after its launch, Sampson reflects on his journey with Rainway. “Now, since then, Stadia’s launch showed us that people want our product more,” he continued. “But then I snapped back to reality when Stadia launched and everyone was just screaming at us, ‘Rainway already exists, Rainway does this better, Rainway Rainway Rainway!’ And that made everyone on the team thrilled and it gave us conviction that the path we were going down was the right one.”

Stay tuned for the full interview with Sampson later today.

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