With an upgraded media team here at OnlySP, means upgraded content and the start off a push for more unique feature content on the Youtube channel. Today we’re introducing you to the pilot episode of Jay’s new editorial series of videos which will focus on a new subject, each and every week.

This week’s subject covers modern military FPS games and their need for more diverse storylines if they include a single player campaign. Check out our pilot episode just below, and be sure to leave us some feedback in the comments section on how we can improve the video or what you liked about it. Throw us some name suggestions for the series as well!

Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for all of our latest content and be on the lookout for our Week in Review on Sunday for an updated plan of what’s to come with the Youtube channel.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Your actually not truly correct about Cod advance warfare. You say you always fight ethic groups. I think one or two missions you do but you mostly fight pmc which is a US based pmc in the game. So mostly Americas fighting Americas in Advance warfare. Most fps your right about, but to show a lot clips of this game and to say they didn’t change anything story wise is a little misleading. Spec ops though is a great example of a story in military and I like third person games. Gameplay was just so-so though.

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