STONE, described as a “hip hop stoner noir” by its developer Convict Games, has a crazy new reveal trailer.

The game’s central character Stone—a koala who channels both Australian caricatures and The Big Lebowski—is the focus of the trailer as he is awoken by the news that his girlfriend has been kidnapped. Players must explore Oldtown, a dustbowl filled with bars and clubs, to down pints and investigate where his “chookie” Alex has gone.

Stone is employed as a deadbeat private investigator and is self-described as a “huge dick.” He has to employ his private investigation skills to not only find Alex, but to somehow piece together what happened the night prior.

In terms of gameplay, STONE takes inspiration from old-school interactive adventure games. The game chooses not to rely on point-and-click design, however. Instead, the title focuses on interactive storytelling and solid world building.

In conversation, players must choose between a “hard-ass” or “soft-touch” approach to get the answers they need. Conversations, which often take place with equally damaged anthropomorphic characters, act as puzzles.

For a relatively small studio, Convict Games has impressive pedigree. Members of the developer have previously worked on Quantum Break and Control, as well as feature films such as­ Gravity. STONE will be available sometime in autumn 2018 on PC and Mac.

Check out the wild trailer, embedded below, and be sure to follow OnlySP on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

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