Talk about a unique video game pre-order bonus. Right now buying copies of Stellaris includes the added bonus of sending your name into space… well, actually it’ll be tacked onto a weather balloon and sent to the upper stratosphere, but “close enough” says Paradox.

Just last week Paradox Interactive started taking pre-orders of the game, but if you know where to look the price is significantly reduced. GMG, a fully authorized retailer by Paradox, is selling Steam keys for cheap with a 25% off code for Stellaris. The code knocks the Standard Edition down from $39.99 to only $30 while the more expensive and novelty Galaxy Edition drops from $70 to only $52.50.

At Checkout Use Code: DEALZON25

How long will this deal last? Stellaris itself will release on May 9th, but the deal is not likely to last that long. GMG has told us that the 25% off code above will expire as early as tomorrow morning 9AM Pacific, but at times, they’ve also extended coupons. If you don’t want to take the risk and you’re planning on playing Day One anyway, picking up a copy now rather than later will secure ou the Stellaris discount.

Pre-order Bonuses

Expect four main pre-order bonuses if you’re looking to buy Stellaris:

  • Send your name into Space
  • Creatures of the Void DLC, which includes five additional alien races
  • Stellaris-themed ringtones and message alerts
  • “Blorg” Paradox forum avatar

The two biggies are going to be the novelty send your name into space and the “Creatures of the Void” DLC pack. The pack includes 5 additional races added into the game that will likely cost extra $$$ post-release of the game.

Standard, Nova, or Galaxy Edition?

The differences are less about in-game content and more about lore and supplemental goodies. Buying the Nova Edition of the game includes the standard edition, an MP3 version of the soundtrack, and an exclusive alien race DLC pack. The exclusive alien race is the only in-game content add-on from the Nova Edition, and even then Paradox notes this one is purely a cosmetic add-on.

The Galaxy Edition is a little more extensive in the lore department. In addition to everything you get in the Nova edition, the Galaxy includes a 130-page collector’s book, Novel, exclusive Paradox Forum avatar, and a signed wallpaper from the development team – all digitally delivered of course.

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