The second day of the black hole for your wallet known as the Steam Summer Sale brings with it some excellent deals on titles you may have missed previously.

Some of the notable Day 2 highlights for PC gamers interested in excellent single-player experiences include:

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition – $7.49

Watch_Dogs – $15.99

Sunless Sea – $11.39

The Wolf Among Us – $6.24

Prison Architect – $4.49

Tomb Raider – $3.99

Memoria – $3.99

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – $4.39

Dreamfall: Chapters – $14.99

Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic – $2.49

The Evil Within – $14.99

Deadlight – $2.99

Check back tomorrow to see the best of Day 3’s deals here on OnlySP.

Simon Nash
I write about PC games and sometimes it even makes sense. I'm a refined Englishman, but live in Texas with my two young children whom I am training in the ways of the Force.

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