Now that the dust has settled on the Steam Summer Sale, many of you would have assumed that it would be safe to finally unchain your wallets without fear of losing all of the money inside to a digital distributor of PC games. Think again. The Steam Midweek Madness sale returns in all it’s glory with a whole host of new deals detailed below.

Trine 2

85% Off Trine 2: Complete Story

This is a pretty big discount, 85% off takes the title to just £2.09, $2.99 or €2.54 depending on your local currency. Trine 2 is an indie platforming puzzler from developer Frozenbyte. The game also boasts an impressive Metacritic average of 84 and a top score of 98 from Game Chronicles. You can also purchase the original game with the sequel, the original on its own, digital versions of the soundtrack and art books and an upgrade to the complete story edition if you only have the base game of Trine 2 with the same 85% discount.

Ys Logo

66% Off Ys Series

The Ys series should be a household name to most fans of the action JRPG genre, although people not normally interested in Japanese games might not know too much about it. The series on Steam currently boasts three titles, four if you count Ys I & II Chronicles+ as separate games, and all of them are included in the midweek discount. First off we have Ys: The Oath in Felghana which is a remake of the 16-bit Ys III: Wanderers from Ys which was released originally in 1989. The remake was released in Japan in 2005, however it only made its way west in 2010 on the PlayStation Portable and 2012 on Steam. With a 66% discount you can get Ys: The Oath in Felghana for just £3.39, $5.09 or €4.07. Next up we have Ys Origin which can be purchased for just £4.41, $6.79 or €5.43. Ys Origin is a prequel to all other games in the series and is set 700 years before the original game. It was originally released on PC in Japan in 2006 and only found it’s way to North American and European shores in 2012. If you’re not fully convinced you want to take the dive on Ys Origin there is a free demo currently avaliable on the Steam store. Finally we have Ys I and II Chronicles+ which is currently £4.07, $5.09 or  €4.75. Ys I and II Chronicles+ is a remake of the 1987 and 1988 titles of the same name and was released in 2009 in Japan and 2013 in North America and Europe with an English dubbed soundtrack.

As always these deals will last two days and end 6PM GMT or 1PM EST Thursday 25th July.

Source: Steam

Ryan Archer
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