Steam Greenlight holds many hidden gems in the form of indie games. Our eyes were drawn to a new Steam Greenlight campaign launched yesterday. Developed by indie game development company TwoMammoths, consisting of Polish brothers Piotr and Marcin Turecki, Archaica: The Path of Light is a colorful puzzle game involving lasers and mirrors.

The Greenlight page for Archaica lays out the main objective of almost every puzzle: adjust the mechanisms, which include mirrors and reflectors and plain old rocks/stones/statues, in order to cast light through, usually all, the crystals of a section. Accomplishing this restores function to the mechanisms made by the Ancients, all in order to save the world from destruction. During their quest along a chosen Path of Light as the Chosen One of legend, however, the Greenlight page goes on to say that the player will also learn about secrets hidden by the Ancients and discover more about the Path along the way.

Split into six realms in total, each realm of Archaica is characterized by unique graphics and puzzle types, which amount to 80 puzzles in all. Here is the full list of realms by name: Hills (Tutorial realm), Desert City, Islands, Crystal Mines, Jungle, and finally Temples.

Two key objects stay with the player throughout their journey as important navigational and progression tools. These are the Portal and the Totem. The first is basically a world map, while the second is a device representing the player’s progress as the Chosen One throughout the game. The Totem must be developed in part by finding hidden objects and mechanisms throughout each realm. Some things can only be found in certain realms, and each realm contains some secret areas with puzzles where help and hints are not given and which the players must figure out for themselves.

And that’s it. What do you think of Archaica: The Path of Light? If you want to see it on Steam, then be sure to give it a Yes vote on the Greenlight page. And be sure to check out the Greenlight trailer and screenshots below. On a final note about the trailer since I didn’t touch on it earlier, changing the orientation of or moving objects is as simple as clicking or clicking-and-dragging where desired. Deceptively-simple, I’m sure, once the game comes out in Q4 2016 for the PC.

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