This third installment of the Warner Bros. Batman Arkham game series hits the shelves October 25th. You can preorder the game and get the bonus Deathstroke DLC with 2 extra challenge maps and two Deathstroke player skins. Better still, the PC download version of Batman Arkham Origins has a 25% off coupon code at Green Man Gaming. That drops the price preorder price from $49.99 to $37.50 – a solid $12.50 savings and you get the preorder bonus. The game will activate on Steam (just plop the key you get into “Add Games” and it’ll be added to your 589th Steam game library).

This year the Bat will take on a few new villains like the bomb planting Anarky as well as see returning enemies like the Joker, Penguine, and Bane. The preorder Deathstroke DLC allows you to play him in all of the game’s challenge maps along with his unique weapons and fighting style.

The console versions the same preorder bonus offer, though no coupon discount yet. Still, Amazon is throwing in a $10 store credit if you preorder the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, and PS Vita versions through them.

Update: GMG introduced a new 25% off coupon JUST today, so the game dropped from the already cheap $40 to now $37.50. Not bad for a preorder deal.

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