What is real? It’s not an overly-philosophical joke to ask such a question, especially in light of the recent revelations of government cover-ups and various widespread conspiracy theories. How can we trust that everything we are told is true in the face of several examples to the contrary? Is it justified to hide or lie about the truth as a means of safeguarding the national security?

All these questions and more are the underlying premises of Poland-based The Farm 51’s upcoming gritty, but gorgeously-realistic and unique, first-person shooter Get Even.

So, just what is Get Even?

Get Even is a first-person shooter revolving around the conflict between two characters, one of whom, according to the game website, is named Black, an agent used by the government and other VIPs to collect evidence and formulate cover-ups when needed. “Real” to him is based on what and how much is told or lied about to someone.

At some point in the game, Black finds that one of the victims of his cover-up operations isn’t just another average scapegoat.

According to the More Than Reality Developer Diary video, which you can watch below, the main goal of The Farm 51 with Get Even is to reflect what scares us most in our daily lives while still producing fantasy from real-life situations. The fantastical part of Get Even involves the ability to move between different realities, which becomes an integral part of gameplay and progress through exploration. As a shooter, the shooting involved in Get Even is meant to only be a part of the overall experience.

The Farm 51 intends to synergize a conventional single-player campaign and multiplayer for Get Even in a manner similar to that in Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed: Unity.


Why should you care?

Based on what has been released thus far, Get Even looks set to impress with realistic shooting mechanics and equipment limitations, as well as 3D environments rendered as realistically as possible and its use of virtual reality, like Oculus VR, among other player peripherals.

The Farm 51 hopes to make it so that the parts of the game where shooting is needed have good reason to be there, instead of packing the game with as many shooting levels as possible. To up the ante even more, the equipment you can carry on you, including ammunition, is also restricted to realistic weight and amounts. Part of the The Farm 51 development process has been to go to a firing range to shoot and feel the weight of real guns and to record their sounds (see video below). Doing this live firing also allowed the team to faithfully recreate how a gun reacts kinetically to firing and player movement.

The looks, features, sounds and wear-and-tear of the guns were all factored into the development process, the only difference being that the sounds and finer details about each gun in the game had to be specifically analyzed and calibrated to near-perfection as possible.

Other than shooting mechanics, Get Even’s combat system will also be a big draw, although how it will hasn’t been detailed yet by The Farm 51. Doubtless, using the Oculus VR to add another layer of realism will be the favored way to play certain levels or the whole game.

Every death that the player causes is, in the words of the developers, an event in and of itself. Killing isn’t easy in real life, and it definitely isn’t easy in Get Even either. Timing, strategy, and patience will have to be emphasized before the player can move in for the kill.

Sound interesting? You’re probably wondering when is it due out?

Get Even is slated for release some time in 2015.

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Cedric Lansangan

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