Looking forward to State of Decay? Have any burning questions about the game that leave you awake at night? Good news; you won’t have to buy sleeping pills. Tomorrow night, we’ll be hosting a live Q&A session with Undead Labs’ PR coordinator, Sanya Weathers, where you’ll be able to post comments and questions and get answers and information straight from the horse’s mouth.

It will occur at 6 pm PST on Thursday, Feb 14. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions in either the Twitch channel or the widget we’ll post on this page soon. The Q&A itself will go live below and on our Twitch TV channel:

Watch live video from michaelurbanonlysp on

This article will be updated with further details as the time draws nearer. Stay tuned!

Michael Urban
Now an occasional contributer, Michael Urban is the former Editor-in-Chief at OnlySP and has the nickname "Breadcrab" for reasons his therapist still doesn't understand. From the moment he first got hacked in Runescape, he's been uninterested in multiplayer games and has pursued the beauty of the single-player experience, especially in terms of story and creative design. His hobbies include reading, writing, singing in the shower, pretending to be productive, and providing info and feedback regarding the games industry. It is an industry, right? You can ask him a question or send him spam at Also, follow him on Twitter or the terrorists win. (@MichaelUrban1)

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  1. I believe the top question is release date

  2. So it’s 5 PST and still nothin on where this is actually happening.

    1. The livestream is happening here, and no it’s not 5 PM PST, it’s currently 1PM PST

  3. Are we posting questions here?

    If so:

    How do you gain experience and gain new skills? Is it more like grinding (x amount of melee kills increase melee, etc.) or does just playing naturally give you experience (scavenging, establishing bases and outposts, clearing out areas, etc.)?

    Is it possible for survivors to repeat or be incredibly similar in terms of Skill and Traits or are there so many variables that this is unlikely? And is survivor appearance randomly generated or will there be eventual copies?

    Does the number of survivors in your group limit what buildings you can use as a base? For example: can you take a large building even if you have a small group or vice versa? And would that affect the group’s moral?

    Do silencers degrade over time/uses?

    Do the NPCs have unique behaviors depending on the situation? Like if moral is low and they’re scared, would they cower or flee or panic? And would situations like that have a permanent effect on their Personality?

    1. We’ll actually have a live comment box, under the video when the stream starts.

  4. Will there be a military element ingame such as maybe an unseen base you communicate with, or as a group of survivors, and possibly a dealer in military hardware.

  5. Do we use this page or the twitch page?

    1. This page

  6. So, when i read this text:

    Is a really good thing this interaction with NPCS, but how further this gonna be?

    There is the possibility of some be close friends, lovers, rivals, one try to planing murder other and etc?

    How complex the cooking, farming and medicine will be?

    There is gonna be mod suport on PC?

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