PC gamers rejoice! The critically-acclaimed zombie survival title State of Decay, brought to you by Undead Labs, will be making its first appearance on the PC. The developers revealed in a blog post today that the game will be released on Steam Early Access tomorrow Friday, September 20th.

The PC version of State of Decay will be priced the same as the Xbox Live Arcade version, $20. PC players will be receiving an early version however, unlike the Xbox version of the game. Early purchasers will receive the final version of the game completely free later this year when it is officially launched.

The Early Access version of State of Decay will not be for the easily annoyed. There will be crashes that need to be worked out, technical issues to iron over, and no keyboard or mouse interface…at first. At tomorrow’s launch State of Decay will only support a controller, an Xbox 360 controller to be specific.

Will you be eagerly awaiting the Steam release of Undead Labs’ State of Decay? I know I will and I already own it on Xbox 360.

Source: Undead Labs

Brandon Morgan
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