The release date of State of Decay is getting closer and closer to being announced. The Undead Labs Twitter feed announced today that some people from the certification crew over a Microsoft have arrived at the office and are deciding if the game is ready to enter the certification process. According to Undead Labs however, we won’t know for a few more weeks if the game is ready to formally enter the certification process.



Earlier this year, Undead Labs was hoping for an early 2013 launch, but it seems that mark will be missed. When the release date is finally announced, my best guess would be sometime around June or July. Make sure to keep checking back here at OnlySP for more news on State of Decay as soon as we get it.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Almost here i been checking everyday for the past few months FINALLY some good news!

  2. I have been regularly checking their website to see that promised gameplay video… still waiting… But I’m not mad though, I just can’t wait

    1. You’ll see plenty of new during PAX, don’t worry. We’re excited too haha.

  3. They missed their mark, now the walking dead survival instincts will be out before it and that will ruin their sales….good job microsoft

    1. Riiiight… That turned out so WELL didn’t it? XD

  4. dammit i want state of decay so bad!when class 4 comes heres my gamertag.its speediestmiller.hope to see u online ur future friend dennis m. miller

  5. I don’t care anymore !!

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