State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2, the upcoming third-person zombie survival game by Undead Labs, has a new gameplay launch trailer, which serves a highlight for the project’s fundamental design features.

The trailer continually makes allusions to specialisations and teamwork, with builders, warriors, medics, and farmers highlighted. All of these different specialisations appear to fall into a wide array of systems, from combat to trading. A few weapons are on show, too, including a bombastic looking grenade launcher.

Story-wise, the teaser alludes to the dynamic narrative of the game, with an open-ended variety of human allies and enemies. The trailer also details a few more enemy designs, including a fast-looking zombie, along with the usual array of vanilla undead and large undead designs:

The trailer has been uploaded directly to Xbox’s YouTube channel, much like the majority of Microsoft-exclusive titles, yet signs are pointing to State of Decay 2 coming out on Steam, which is an unparalleled move for a Microsoft-only game.  State of Decay 2 will be launching on May 10 for Windows PC and Xbox One, with a Steam release seeming likely.

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