Finn Brice, CEO of Chucklefish, the company responsible for publishing Stardew Valley, dropped some new details on Spellbound, the team’s upcoming game, in an interview with Red Bull.

With a similar 2D style to Stardew Valley, this new game is described in said interview by Brice as a wizard-school sim and the result of a long-standing wish by several members of Chucklefish to get this project rolling. Brice was keen to emphasise that, despite admitting an obvious influence from the Harry Potter series, Spellbound also takes influence from Terry Pratchett’s works and Studio Ghibli, among others.

One should not expect a game too similar to Stardew Valley, as Brice mentions a wide array of tasks that players must undergo to get through school, but as in the developer’s previous game, Spellbound puts a great deal of emphasis on relationships between the player and other characters, though Brice did state that players would likely be surprised.

Unfortunately, Brice did not announce a release date for the title yet, though did tease that the team may be looking into making a Switch version in addition to the core PC release.

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