One of the most beloved Star Wars games of all time, as well as an exceptional entry into the RPG genre, may be receiving an Xbox One and Playstation 4 release and remake in the near future.

First released over a decade ago, Knights of the Old Republic is a perennial favorite of Star Wars fans and RPG fans alike, and according to rumors (and they are just rumors at this point remember), the game may be receiving a potentially-substantial remake.

According to Cinelinx, three separate Gamestop sources corroborated this information, but it is still unofficial and, even if such a project is in the works, it may never reach fruition. The scope too is something that is unclear as well, with Cinelinx stating that it’s not simply a “resolution remaster” but a full-on upgrade which may even include some gameplay improvements. New skills? New quests? New stories? Who can say?

One of Cinelinx’s sources—which the site claims to have a good track record with—claimed that we may be hearing news about this potentially epic geek-out in quarter four of 2015, which could mean a release in late 2016.

Knights of the Old Republic was in the news fairly recently as well when the sequel received an official update on Steam—where both games are available for purchase, and with the surge of Star Wars marketing that is going to be bombarding us with the upcoming movie releases, it makes sense to remaster one of the most popular franchise-related video games as well.

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  1. Hopefully this is true and the second game is included as well (or at least available). I can only go as far back as Mass Effect 1 since previous BioWare games before that were PC and Xbox only. I hope it they keep it the same as the original other than graphical upgrades though. Not a fan of the trend in current BioWare games of making them open-world and removing RPG elements.

    1. they’re not gonna remake the game. it’ll be a simple re-release. I’d be a little skeptical of this release except they recently put it out for tablets and phones.

      1. A re-release would be fine. Being able to play it on PS4 is enough for me.

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