Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

As part of the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, further details regarding Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order‘s gameplay have been revealed.

While the event only showed off a story-based trailer, the panel dropped a few hints about where the third-person action-adventure project could go gameplay-wise.

Stig Asmussen, game director at Respawn Entertainment, kicked off the panel by describing Fallen Order as an “action melee game […] with a lightsaber and force powers.” In design terms, he stated that the combat would be “easy to pick up […] with a lot of depth.”

Respawn has internally described the combat system as “thoughtful combat,” which includes the need to “size up enemies, identify and exploit weaknesses with all the powers that you have.”

Complimenting this “thoughtful combat” approach are details that released onto the Microsoft Store page which reveal that the game will feature a “striking, parrying, [and] dodging” system. This page also supported Asmussen’s earlier comment about depth, stating that the combat “takes training and practice to fully master its nuances.”

When matched together, Asmussen’s description of weakness-based combat with a dodging and parrying system means the game will likely be designed around risk-reward swordplay. Though not directly mentioned in the panel, the combination of looking for weaknesses while relying on a dodge-parry system is distinctly Souls-like.

In more colourful terms, the panel revealed that Respawn set out to make a “badass, kickass Jedi star wars game,” with the combat being described by Cal’s actor, Cameron Monaghan, as “satisfying, visceral, and weighty.”

Alongside some in-action recording footage, the panel played up the importance of “feel” in the combat, with the game focusing on “thoughtful combat with melee that has to connect and look good.” While a lot of effort has gone into perfecting the mechanics, it is clear that Respawn has made a concerted effort to make combat look especially polished, with the aforementioned Microsoft Store description describing battles as “cinematically-charged.”

The Force powers were not elucidated upon to the same degree as lightsaber combat in the reveal, but several references were made in regards to its importance. In the game’s trailer, for example, Cal can be seen using the force to wall-run, as well as using the staple Force push and pull moves. The Microsoft Store explains some more about Force powers, stating that they will provide “leverage to overcome obstacles that stand in your way.”

Further reading on the Microsoft Store alluded to the level design and traversal system, too, which Force powers will have a part in. As the game goes on and “you unlock new powers and abilities, opportunities open up to re-traverse maps in new ways” with Force powers “[augmenting] the way you explore.”

The panel also revealed that the lightsaber will “change and evolve” throughout the game. Previous rumours indicated this upgrade system to be the case, with the inclusion of a Darth Maul-style double lightsaber touted.

Enemy types were looked at in surprising depth, too. The major enemies, coined “purge troopers,” are “specially-trained” members who excel at hunting down Jedi and completing Order 66. The purge troopers are sent to investigate any Jedi sighting, whereupon discovery they are tasked with “[calling] the Sith Inquisitors” before embarking on combat.

Fallen OrderThe game’s trailer, as well as concept art, show the purge troopers wielding a variety of weapons, including blasters, melee weapons, and lightsabers.

Sith Inquisitors were only mentioned in passing, but seeing as they top the order of the hierarchy, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see these enemies show up as bosses.

Overall, Jedi: Fallen Order sounds incredibly promising on the gameplay front. Respawn has already proven it can produce fluid combat with Titanfall, and the studio has likely translated that to the third-person.

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