Screencap of the star wars RTS leak

May’s Star Wars theme continues — in a way that EA probably prefers it didn’t — with a leaked video of an unreleased game in the franchise. EA has already started issuing copyright claims, taking down the source on Vimeo and mirrors on YouTube.

Found by NerdLeaks and allegedly posted by Elise Baldwin, ex-audio director at EA, the video shows a large scale battle on original-trilogy-era Tatooine (including a character who looks a lot like Luke Skywalker). What units and UI elements are present suggest that it was going to be a real-time strategy game, with an art style reminiscent of EA’s mobile title Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

There have been several Star Wars RTS titles over the years, some okay (Empire at War), some clunky (Force Commander), and some Age of Empires reskins (Galactic Battlegrounds). Unfortunately, part of the description on the Vimeo upload was that the project “did not make it to marketplace” after about a year’s worth of work.

The RTS genre has seen a dive in popularity over the last few years and the changing video game market may have played into the apparent cancellation of this project. In the event that the video is taken down, readers can check IGN’s write up for the screenshots. As EA’s official plans come to light, keep reading OnlySP for even more Star Wars video game news.

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