As part of Star Wars Battlefront II‘s ‘Han Solo’ update, developer DICE is including Starfighter Custom Arcade, a single-player arcade mode.

Publisher EA states that the mode will allow players to  “hone [their] skills in the cockpit with Starfighters from all eras, whether [they’re] aiming to turn Rebellion X-wings into stardust with [their] TIE/LN or hop into the Millennium Falcon to fly circles around enemy starfighters.”

A true single-player arcade experience was lacking in Battlefront II, so the update will hopefully go a long way towards improving the project’s longevity as a solo experience.

The update also provides other changes, with content and maps inspired from the original Star Wars trilogy. The first map the developer is releasing is the Jabba’s Palace map from the first rebooted Battlefront.  Another new game mode, entitled ‘Hero Showdown’, will be included, which is a round-based elimination mode involving two-on-two hero battles.

Some more appearances are also parcelled into the update, inspired by the opening act of Return of the Jedi. The update launches on May 16, with a second part to the Han Solo season coming in June.

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Ben Newman

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