NOTE: Square Enix have confirmed to PlayStation Universe that Gilbert Gottfried is voicing Iago for Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX. 

Gilbert Gottfried, the voice actor behind Iago from Disney’s Aladdin, has tweeted an image of his work “for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts video game.” Gottfried has also teased that he is voicing the comedic bird in this title.

While some may say this could be some voice work for the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix, it should be noted that Tetsuya Nomura (the director of the series) told Famitsu (via KHInsider) that the recording for the collection was finished. Whether or not, he strictly meant the Japanese voices and not the West, is yet to be known. We will be reaching out to Square Enix for more clarification on this comment.

However, if Gilbert Gottfried is voicing Iago for Kingdom Hearts 3, it is highly likely we will see this game much sooner than we thought. Back in January, the voice of Sora (Haley Joel Osment), spoke to entertainment website, Zap2it, and stated that “the recording of the dialogue is one of the last parts of the [development] process.” Another factor to consider is that the Osaka studio, who are currently developing the third entry, released  Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance in 2012 and since the DS release, 358/2 Days, we have seen a Kingdom Hearts release every 1-2 years.  Maybe we’ll see Kingdom Hearts III early on in 2015. Stay tuned as we near E3. 

Source: Twitter

Chris Penwell
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